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Responding to Another One of Bob Beckel’s False Statements about Koch

In the past we have responded to left-wing activist Bob Beckel’s untrue and unhinged remarks about us. Unfortunately, we need to do so again.

During a discussion on a March 25 Fox News show, Mr. Beckel falsely claimed that Koch “held up sanctions against Russia,” repeating a malicious lie first made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Mr. Beckel then went on to claim that “the right wing put up an amendment that would have made the Kochs not come under the regulations of the Federal Election Committee. [S]o the Senate Republicans jeopardized the Crimea issue over the ridiculous Koch brothers.”

While Mr. Beckel’s comments are somewhat incoherent and nonsensical, we are disappointed, but not surprised, that he once again has falsely attacked us. To be clear, Koch has not taken any position on legislation concerning Russian sanctions or any issue associated with Crimea. While we do not understand why Mr. Beckel referred to the FEC, we believe he may have meant to refer to the IRS’ controversial proposed regulations of 501(c)(4) organizations which have led to opposition from groups across the political spectrum. While Koch, like the ACLU, NAACP-National Voter Fund, and several unions, believes that the proposed IRS regulations violate the First Amendment, Koch has not filed comments or lobbied on these issues.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Beckel attacked Koch based on the false statements of Senator Reid. Koch welcomes a principled and civil discussion on the important public policy issues that face our country. We believe that the American people deserve such a discussion, and not more lies and deceit from partisan agenda-driven media and Washington politicians.

Mark Holden

Koch Industries

Senior Vice President and General Counsel