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Statement from Koch Industries Regarding Accusations of Lobbying for Surtax on Renewable Energy

Recently, the Los Angeles TimesMSNBC, the New York Times and the Environmental Defense Fund all have accused Koch of being in favor of, and lobbying for, the imposition of a surtax on renewable energy—in particular solar power in several states.   These reports are false.  Koch has not advocated nor lobbied on behalf of any legislation that would impose yet another tax or burden upon consumers, ratepayers or other users of electric power, regardless of the source of energy. Indeed, “PunditFact” rated Rachel Maddow’s claims as “mostly false”.

Koch has consistently opposed subsidies and government mandates, and consistently advocated for reducing taxes for all.

Koch believes that all forms of energy—whether oil, gas, wind, solar or biofuels—should be allowed to succeed or fail on their own in the free market, without the assistance (or hindrance) of government subsidies or mandates.