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Statement by Koch Regarding False Assertions About Virginia Redistricting

During these uncertain economic times, when the U.S. is still struggling to get back on its feet, it is unfortunate that Virginia State Senator Donald McEachin falsely and irresponsibly attacked Koch Industries, a company which employs nearly 1,600 people in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The downstream multiplier effect of those jobs, the total number of people employed as a result of Koch’s operations in the state, is about 5,700 people.

Sen. McEachin encouraged people to “tell the Koch brothers to get out of Virginia,” while falsely accusing Koch of being actively involved in efforts to “rig the electoral map” in Virginia. The Kochs have done no such thing. In fact, what Senator McEachin calls the “scheme to rig the electoral map” was actually perpetrated by his own party, according to Blue Virginia, a blog supportive of the Virginia Democratic party and its politicians. Senator McEachin’s attacks are just the latest in the ongoing orchestrated campaign against Koch by the Democratic party and its allies who oppose Charles Koch and David Koch’s longstanding 50-plus year advocacy for individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom. As has been documented herehereherehereherehere, and here, Koch and its owners have been subjected to an ongoing series of political attacks designed to intimidate them and silence their exercise of their First Amendment rights of free expression.

We urge Sen. McEachin to cease his irresponsible attacks against Koch and its employees in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to stop trying to stifle constitutionally-protected free speech. Senator McEachin should stop these attacks which are inconsistent with Virginia’s long history and tradition of promoting and protecting freedom of speech and individual liberty. Instead of irresponsibly and falsely attacking Koch, Senator McEachin should focus his efforts on promoting policies that will stimulate jobs and prosperity in his state.