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Correcting Misleading Statements from Rep. Cummings and Rep. Waxman

In response to misleading statements in a May 22, 2012 letter from Representatives Cummings and Waxman to Mr. Thomas Donahue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Koch Industries is correcting the record.  This is not the first time that Representative Waxman has made dishonest accusations about Koch.  He previously falsely claimed that Koch was involved with and behind the Keystone XL Pipeline.

First, Koch did not lobby on the issues identified in the May 22, 2012 letter.  Second, the statement that Koch has acknowledged it paid bribes to secure business is false.  Koch never acknowledged that it made illegal payments to secure business in any foreign country.  The reference in Representatives Cummings’ and Waxman’s letter is to a widely discredited and deeply flawed October 2011 Bloomberg Markets article.  The article refers to a letter submitted to a French employment tribunal on behalf of one of our foreign subsidiaries where it references a potential criminal violation.  As we previously explained, any potential liability referred to in that letter related solely to a former employee of the foreign subsidiary, not the company, under a French law that makes it a crime for a corporate officer to mismanage the company’s assets.  The issues before the French employment tribunal did not concern United States law or the company’s potential liability.