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INVISTA promotes environmental awareness in local community

INVISTA promotes environmental awareness in local communityINVISTA employee volunteers shared best practices in energy conservation at a community activity organized by the Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park in recognition of World Environment Day. The activity provided an opportunity for local residents to learn about environmental, health and safety from local companies.

This is in line with INVISTA's “Qingpu Good Neighbor” community program. Launched in 2012 by INVISTA’s manufacturing sites in Qingpu district, “Qingpu Good Neighbor” promotes environmental, health and safety awareness to local residents.

“INVISTA is committed to environmental, health and safety excellence and views it as part of a foundation for long-term success,” said Brian Zhang, site manager of INVISTA's airbag fiber plant in Qingpu. “As one of the major international enterprises in Qingpu district, we thank Shanghai Qingpu Industry Zone for organizing this event on World Environment Day to share knowledge and promote sound environmental practices.”