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Koch Supply & Trading Sárl Adds Global Gas Business to Portfolio

Koch Supply & Trading Sárl has launched a global gas trading business, leveraging the company’s industrial portfolio, physical trading experience, exceptional credit worthiness, strong brand and global reach.

Stephen Cornish has joined Koch Supply & Trading Sárl to build the global trading and marketing business for liquefied natural gas, natural gas and related commodities.

“Koch companies have a long track record of excellence in the natural gas markets,” Cornish said. “This venture into the international gas markets is a way to link its global portfolio to benefit its suppliers and customers. We believe this step into the international gas markets provides a strong counterparty for producers and customers alike.

“We will build out our operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas to the high standard that Koch Supply & Trading has set and look forward to working with our counterparts. This is a very exciting venture for us.”

To complement existing North American activities out of Houston and to optimize its global portfolio, Koch Supply & Trading plans to build a Europe-wide natural gas business from Geneva and an LNG trading business from offices in Houston, London, and Singapore. Origination and marketing support locations are also planned for the near future in East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

About Koch Supply & Trading

Koch Supply & Trading companies have traders or originators in Wichita, Houston, New York, London, Geneva, Mumbai and Singapore, and move products through hubs, ports and terminals in the United States, Europe, Singapore and the Middle East. More information is available at