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Koch Supply & Trading Bolsters EMEA LNG & Nat Gas Capability

Koch Supply & Trading companies are growing their natural gas trading capability with recent hires for their Geneva and London offices, says Stephen Cornish, who leads the companies’ LNG and natural gas trading business.

Greg Nadeau is serving as the overall leader for Koch Supply & Trading’s physical natural gas business in Europe. He joins Kristian Lande, a co-leader of the paper gas trading capability, and Steve McCarthy, the senior portfolio basis trader. All are based in Geneva.

“With the addition of Greg to this team, we have put together a robust capability with extensive European nat gas experience and knowledge,” Cornish said. “With the global resources we have available, combined with our company’s long presence in diverse commodity and specialty markets, we are looking to provide key customer services in this market.”

Pierre Courant, the marketing and origination manager for Franco-Iberia, is also part of the team, working directly with Nadeau.

The team also includes Peter Leoni, head of structuring and analytics, who is based in London; Diab AlKudairi, portfolio optimisation manager; and Janet Fletcher, senior nat gas operator. Al-Kudairi and Fletcher are based in Geneva.

Koch Supply & Trading companies began building a Europe-wide natural gas business from Geneva and London earlier this year and are building an LNG trading business from offices in Houston, London and Singapore.

For the companies’ LNG business, Cornish expects origination and marketing support locations in East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America to be established to further complement the North American activities from Houston and to optimise the companies’ global portfolio.

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