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Frontier Gives Thumbs Up to Innovative Nitrogen

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser has once again proven its agronomic performance in independent trials conducted by Frontier Agriculture Ltd. Similar to the Defra NT26 trials, Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser delivered comparable agronomic performance to ammonium nitrate (AN).

Mike Slater, fertiliser technical manager for Frontier, explained the rationale for the trial. "With the introduction of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser to the UK fertiliser market, Frontier Agriculture conducted trials to evaluate the performance of the product opposite urea and the UK-standard, ammonium nitrate."

Aside from weather, nitrogen fertiliser is the most influential factor determining yield and crop quality. For decades, the two primary nitrogen options, urea and AN, remained largely unchanged, reflecting the lack of fertiliser innovation unlike the progress in other agricultural inputs.

Introduced last year, Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser has brought innovation to the nitrogen market. This fertiliser delivers the high agronomic performance of AN, coupled with significant advantages of simplified transport and storage, plus one-third higher nitrogen content than AN. Ultimately it means completing more work with less hassle.

Mr Slater went on to say, "In the first of a three year programme of trials by Frontier Agriculture, in the dry conditions of spring 2011, Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser performed equally as well as AN, with both materials outperforming urea - results similar to other trials across the UK."

Frontier's Haywold location in Yorkshire is a high pH chalk soil, and nitrogen applications were stressed by one of the driest and warmest spring seasons on record. Two leading winter wheat varieties, Oakley and Viscount, and two different nitrogen timing strategies were part of the head-tohead nitrogen trial which averaged over 11 t/ha.

"The quality of their fertiliser trial program is a key reason why Frontier Agriculture is strongly respected" said Simon Borthwick, nitrogen manager, Koch Fertiliser Ltd. "Frontier is often leading the market with ideas and innovation, and I was pleased they chose to evaluate Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser."

ADAS-led trials across the UK also demonstrated the sound performance of the technology within Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser. The Defra NT26 study highlights the known difference between urea and AN regarding potential for volatilization loss. The same study also demonstrated that AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer, which is the technology behind Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser, improved performance of urea to the same level as AN, similar to Frontier’s confirmation.

Koch Fertiliser Ltd has substantially increased its nitrogen supply capabilities in the UK and credits Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser at the core of this expansion.

"This product is based on the most secure, consistent and available nitrogen source available to the UK. However, demonstrating the product's top-performance in UK growing conditions to demanding agronomists and growers is vital. With well-respected results now in place, farmers have a choice in nitrogen that they never had before. We have already seen impressive adoption of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser, which meshes perfectly with the supply capabilities of Koch Fertiliser," concluded Mr Borthwick.

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