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Flint Hills Resources Celebrates More Than 200 Days With No Recordable Injuries FHR employees in Corpus

Flint Hills Resources’ nearly 1,000 employees are celebrating working safely, surpassing 200 days without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable injury in the past six months.

“In our business, personal and process safety have to be top priorities. This impressive number wasn’t by chance or accident, it required commitment and dedication from every employee to work safe on a daily basis,” said Phil Gaarder, vice president and manufacturing manager for Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi. “We have been proactive and implemented some new measures including work permit auditing and hazard recognition and mitigation to help reduce the number of possible workplace injuries. I’m very proud of this team.”

On Dec. 23, 2011, employees extended their string of consecutive days without a lost-time injury to 11 years (more than 4,017 days). That continues today with 4,135 days with no LTIs.

About Flint Hills Resources

Based in Wichita, Kan., Flint Hills Resources is an independent refining and chemicals company that has expanded its operations through capital projects and acquisitions worth more than $6.4 billion since 2002. In Corpus Christi, the company directly employs about 1,000 people and supports more than 10,000 jobs in total. More at